Syrian rebels treated in Turkey

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Publish Date: 15:09 - 06 March 2013
TEHRAN, YJC. A medical center founded by SRGC in Hatay province provides medical treatment to 20 thousand Syrians from across the border.
Syrian opposition founded a medical centre which has been providing medical treatment for Syrians who have not just lost their homes but also their hospitals.

Syrian Revolution General Commission has founded a medical centre on Reyhanli, a border town in Hatay province to treat the Syrians coming from nearby towns of Syria.
The hospitals and medical centres have become unable to operate because of the ongoing bombardment and armed conflict that has been going on almost for two years in Syria. 

Commission official Mahmad Masri told AA that they had been treating Syrians coming from nearby towns since their foundation four months ago.

"We have gynaecological, pediatric, internal, dental departments in our centre as well as 6 doctors and 5 nurses, and in total 17 people all working voluntarily. We receive 7 thousand patients monthly. We have received approximately 20 thousand Syrians from Syrian towns near the Turkish border. Syrians having difficulty in receiving treatment in their country, are treated in Turkey" said Masri and added that after the treatment Syrians returned to their hometowns via the "Cilvegozu" border gate between Turkey and Syria.

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