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Publish Date: 8:56 - 27 May 2019
TEHRAN, May 26-British royals could be extremely uneasy to attend a state visit by US President Donald Trump to London early next month over distasteful comments he made about late Princess Diana.

UK royals uneasy to meet Trump over his old remarks on DianaTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) -Reports in the British media said Princes William and Harry, sons of next in line to the UK throne Prince Charles, are still unhappy about remarks Trump made about their mother after her death in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

The report said the two princes would never forget Trump saying Princess Diana of Wales could have been saved from the tragic death if she had dated him instead of Dodi Fayed, her then boyfriend.

Friends of Diana rejected Trump’s claims at the time that the princess had been attracted to the then American property mogul, saying Trump had been rude to the member of the royal family and had been “stalking her”.

In an interview after Diana’s death, Trump also made some unpleasant comments about Diana, calling her a sexually attractive woman.

“She was actually really beautiful, I thought she was supermodel beautiful,” said Trump after Diana was killed, adding that he “could have nailed her.”

Reports said William and Harry would give Trump a frosty reception when they meet the US president in Buckingham Palace next month.

Trump’s upcoming visit to the UK, which will begin on June 3, could face huge protests by activists who have been opposed to policies he has adopted since coming to office in 2017.

Senior political figures have boycotted a ceremony that will be attended by Trump, saying the divisive figure should not be welcome in the UK.


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