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Publish Date: 12:31 - 25 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. Negotiator says Iran started talks with West not to burden itself with heavier cost, but rather to reduce the cost it was paying for its resistance.

Top Iranian nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi in meeting with the IRGC political leaders stated "The main thing for the Islamic Republic in the negotiations was that we should not have been forced into anything. That is why Iran did not suspend enrichment, nor will it do so. Interestingly, the key to Iran’s strength is the fact that is says no in the face of six global powers. There was a war of wills there, where the Islamic Republic resolutely pursued its job within international regulations. The war of wills went on until, as Iran achieved a desirable level of technology, there was no reason for it to pay any further cost; so the talks started based on the intention to go there with full hands and lessen the cost.”

"They have agreed to the enrichment to be continued, to the Arak reactor to work with compound formula, and to the Fordo facilities to remain as they are,” he asserted.

Araqchi pointed out "The negotiators would say they were worried that we should move toward nuclear weapons. Iran announced that it would raise their concerns, asked them if they were ok if Iran continued its peaceful nuclear program with enrichment and free of sanctions. They agreed. What the West was looking for was to prevent Iran working toward nuclear weapons. The Islamic Republic, based on religious and logical grounds, has no intention to produce nuclear arms. It will not go that way. So Iran set for the talks with the precondition to be able to provide for its needs and allow further surveillance provided that no abuse is done.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister added "Fordo lies beneath 70 meters of solid rock. The Western countries have tried to shut it down because they cannot blow it. But Mr. Zarif stood right up before them during the negotiations and said ‘You want to shut Fordo down because you cannot blow it. Then blow Natanz which lies beneath 20 meters of soil. I am not here to place my country on the verge of an attack.’”

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