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Monday, 4 October 2021 (YJC)_ Iran’s nuclear chief has said the country will launch the construction of the Arak IR-20 reactor next year, according to a lawmaker.
News ID: 53775    Publish Date : 2021/10/04

TEHRAN, Jul 3 - President Hassan Rouhani says Iran’s Arak heavy water nuclear reactor — which was agreed to be redesigned under a 2015 nuclear agreement — will resume its previous activities after July 7 if the other signatories to the deal fail to uphold their end of the bargain.
News ID: 41522    Publish Date : 2019/07/03

TEHRAN, Feb 06 - Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi said the country could begin redesigning its heavy-water reactor in Arak single-handedly if the JCPOA parties which have undertaken the task drag their feet.
News ID: 35137    Publish Date : 2019/02/06

TEHRAN, August 22 - US has been replaced by the UK in Arak Heavy Water modernization group, said Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali-Akbar Salehi.
News ID: 27779    Publish Date : 2018/08/22

TEHRAN, June 14 - The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the country will soon start re-building the Arak heavy water reactor once China finishes examining the last phase of the re-designing process.
News ID: 24336    Publish Date : 2018/06/14

TEHRAN, September 5 - Representatives from Iran’s leading news agencies were given a tour of Natanz’s enrichment facilities and Arak’s heavy water reactor.
News ID: 12700    Publish Date : 2017/09/05

TEHRAN, May 6, YJC - Iran would begin operation of building Arak Heavy Water Reactor in the next Iranian calendar year (starting on March 20, 2018), said Advisor to Iranian Vice President Ali-Asghar Zareaan.
News ID: 9438    Publish Date : 2017/05/06

Tehran, YJC. Iran's Atomic Energy Organization spokesman has rejected US allegations on Iran’s violation of the nuclear treaty
News ID: 5701    Publish Date : 2014/12/09

Tehran, YJC. Top Iranian negotiator reiterates that there has been no agreement on Fordo or Arak facilities.
News ID: 4787    Publish Date : 2014/08/06

Tehran, YJC. Senior nuclear negotiator has repudiate allegations on a deal between Iran and the West on some of its nuclear facilities.
News ID: 4744    Publish Date : 2014/08/01

Tehran, YJC. Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization says Russia is going to build Iran two new nuclear reactors.
News ID: 4386    Publish Date : 2014/06/12

Tehran, YJC. Negotiator says Iran started talks with West not to burden itself with heavier cost, but rather to reduce the cost it was paying for its resistance.
News ID: 4246    Publish Date : 2014/05/25

TEHRAN, YJC. Public protests against the Shah in the city of Arak.
News ID: 3451    Publish Date : 2014/02/11

Tehran, YJC. Salehi says Iran has accepted 6 requests by the IAEA to ease the atmosphere about its nuclear program.
News ID: 3059    Publish Date : 2013/12/25

Tehran, YJC. Deputy FM says the Iranian parliament can veto the deal made on Iran’s nuclear case if deeming it against national interests.
News ID: 2845    Publish Date : 2013/12/01

Tehran, YJC. Iran’s Head of Atomic Energy Organization says the country will not let go of the Arak heavy water facilities.
News ID: 2843    Publish Date : 2013/12/01

Tehran, YJC. The IAEA is going to inspect Iran’s Gachin mine and Arak heavy water facilities.
News ID: 2659    Publish Date : 2013/11/11