US, Israel playwrights for ISIS

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Publish Date: 15:50 - 02 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Lawmaker says the ISIS is the same in kind with al-Qaeda and Taliban, that is created by the US and Israel.

Member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said "ISIS and groups such as al-Qaeda and Taliban are raised by Israel and Saudi Arabia. The real plan for such acts of terror is made in fact by the US and Israel.”

Esmail Kosari who was speaking in interview with Tasnim in Qom stated "The major objective for the terrorist groups is to stop the Arab spring in some neighbor countries, Syria in particular. Of course they could not do the things they desired in Syria and took on flow-blown political and military defeat.”

He added "Outwardly it might seem that they have won, only in their dreams of course, but the results show that the terrorist group has failed, especially following the Marja’s fatwa for jihad ISIS met complete failure.”

"Currently it is a duty for all to work for a unified Iraq. Right now public forces and the Army are resisting well. Iran as well will support Iraq in diplomatic and social terms in order to sooth the problems that exist in the country.”

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