Why has ISIS killed no American?

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Publish Date: 14:00 - 03 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Al-Mayadeen has made an interview with Nabil Na’eem, founder of the Democratid Jihad Party.

In an interview with al-Mayadeen, Nabil Na’eem said "Daesh was founded in 2006, whereas al-Qaeda started functioning in 1989. So Daesh is no branch to al-Qaeda, but rather follows it and has believed in it. Aubkr al-Bagdadi is an American hireling. He has asked Aimen al-Zawahiri to comply with him. Al-Bagdadi considers himself in the right, saying that he is seeking to free Iraq and Syria. Aimen did not buy that and war broke out. Al-Bagdadi was in prison when he was freed by the US. He spent 20-30 million dollars to recruit forces. The first Daesh training bases were in Jordan which used to belong to the US. The weapons and other equipment now in possession of Daesh are also American. Those of Daesh who are wounded are taken to Israel for treatment. Our statistics say that 1,500 Daesh and al-Nusrah forces are being treated in Tel-Aviv hospitals.”

Na’eem added "As the USSR failed in Afghanistan, the US decided to eradicate the Afghan Arab. That was when it arrested and jailed many of them. Then al-Qaeda entered the September 11 story. After bin Laden died al-Qaeda was bought by Qatar’s intelligence service. A meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey by the Muslim Brotherhood where Qatar announced that it would aid the Egyptian free army with $2 billion. The director of the fund was also head of Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey. After that al-Qaeda would be funded from that fund.”

Pointing to Daesh activities in Syria he said "Daesh needs a government of violence. When they attacked Samarra, Daesh killed 1,000 Sunnis. Now it’s killing the Shiite. That is the policy of the US. How is it that Daesh has not killed a single American, not beheaded a single American? They kill only the Muslim.”

"Daesh has so far not killed a single American. The opposition who have fought the Assad Army fight their best but have not shot a single bullet toward Israel. They believe fighting the heretic is more important that fighting the heathen. In their ideology, Arab rulers and armies are heretics, fighting whom is much more urgent than fighting the pagan, even if they are Jews.”

"According to a plan made in 1989 by Netanyahu and Dick Cheney, four countries have to be wiped out. The plan starts in Iraq and then moves on to Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The agents to implement the plan are the regional reactionary. One of the objectives of the US hirelings , that is Daesh, is to weaken Iran and to drag it into war. They want to engage Saudi Arabia and Iran in an unending war in which all the possessions of Saudi Arabia and Iran would be spent, the way it happened in Saddam Hussein’s war on Iran. It was intended that in case the Muslim Brotherhood got to power in Egypt and reached some stability, the tension would be conveyed to Egypt. This is something that was confessed to by Dhahi Khalfan, the Dubai Chief of Police. These plans follow an objective to secure Israel. Israel is a seek regime that needs help to go on living,” he further said.

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Daesh is yazeedi group
daesh belongs saudi n america
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