Diplomat: Saudis afraid of self-raised terrorist

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Publish Date: 11:16 - 16 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Former FM spokesman says the ISIS is the outcome of a joint work by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

In interview with Mizan, Hamid Reza Asefi provided comments on the ISIS and said "This gang was formed by three sides, that is the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, created in fact as a military-political device to influence developments in the Middle East.”

Former spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs added "I do not think that the Saudi themselves would have thought that the gang they raised with their own hands would one day trouble them. Right now it can be easily discerned from Saudi officials’ behavior in relation to this group that they are also afraid of the ISIS.”

The former Iranian ambassador to the UAE further asserted "What we have to keep in mind is how the initial core of Daesh formed. With a brief glance at the historical background of Daesh it can easily be discerned that this group was created in a years-old process and with high intricacy, with no objective but to work against the Islamic world.”

"The violent actions performed by the ISIS in the recent weeks proved to everyone that it does not matter to them if they kill a Shiite or a Sunni, because first they started the battle first in the name of fighting the Shiite, but in action it showed that it is against Islam, that is both against the Shiite and against the Sunni,” Asefi noted.

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