Georgia to conduct full hand recount of presidential ballots, secretary of state says

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Publish Date: 8:48 - 12 November 2020
Thursday, 12 November 2020_The secretary of state of Georgia says the state will conduct a hand recount of all the presidential ballots as the President-elect Joe Biden maintains a slim lead over President Donald Trump there.

Georgia to conduct full hand recount of presidential ballots, secretary of state says"With the margin being so close, it will require a full by hand recount in each county," Brad Raffensperger said during a news conference in Atlanta on Wednesday. "This will help build confidence."

He also added that the state officials are trying to finish the audit by Nov. 20, when the state must certify its election results.

Raffensperger, a Republican, has come under unprecedented pressures during the past days from Trump's campaign and other Republicans in Georgia over his oversight of the election.

Earlier this week, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, two GOP senators of Georgia who are facing a runoff in January, demanded Raffensperger to resign, accusing him of failing to "deliver honest and transparent elections."

“Earlier today Senators Loeffler and Perdue called for my resignation. Let me start by saying that is not going to happen,” Raffensperger noted in a statement on Monday. “The voters of Georgia hired me, and the voters will be the one to fire me.”

Biden currently leads Trump by more than 14,000 votes in Georgia, a lead that Raffensperger previously said is "unlikely" to be overtaken in a recount.

Biden's victory in Georgia, the first for a Democrat since 1992, was a major blow to the Republicans.

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