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Publish Date: 18:23 - 20 November 2020
Friday, 20 November 2020 (YJC)_ Trump’s attorney called for someone to "cut the head off" the Democratic Party.

Rudy Giuliani: someone should 'cut the head off' the DemocratsRudy Giuliani called for someone to "cut the head off" the Democratic Party, while making a throat-slashing gesture, during an interview on Fox News in which he repeated a series of unfounded conspiracy theories about the election.

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Thursday, Giuliani claimed, without evidence, that an election company in Germany had told Biden's campaign to "come up with a lot more ballots" in the early stages of the presidential election and suggested that the Democrats had stolen "probably about two million votes."

Giuliani then said: "These people want to destroy us. They're very, very bad people. They're not ordinary Democrats.

"There are wonderful Democrats in this country. They may disagree with you and me, you know them.

"Somehow the Democrat party was hijacked by Clinton and since then it's gone more corrupt, and more corrupt, and more corrupt.

He then added "Somebody's got to cut the head off," while making a throat-slitting gesture.

Hannity brought the interview to an end as Giuliani, who is spearheading the Trump campaign's effort to overturn his election defeat to President-elect Joe Biden, interjected: "yeah but I".

Source: businessinsider

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