Qalibaf: Sanctions are no piece of paper

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Publish Date: 11:40 - 24 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. Qalibaf has criticized double standards in talking about sanctions as a sort of run-of-the-mill policy.

Member of the Coalition of 3 for Development, Qalibaf said on Tuesday to Tasnim "Our legal stance is to be realized only by adopting a wise policy. Once they would say sanctions were a piece of paper; now they say they are paralyzing and have caused all our problems. Where does irrationality come from? A wise outlook tells us that neither the sanctions are a piece of paper, nor their elimination will resolve all our problems.”

The Mayor of Tehran added "I believe that the systematized, astute approach to the nuclear program is resistance with the objective of gratifying our nuclear rights. But the pursuit of this policy and its realization must be done within wise, shrewd frameworks.”

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