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TEHRAN, Jun 2 - The US has stopped funding for a Twitter account after revelations that it works for the State Department.
News ID: 40240    Publish Date : 2019/06/02

TEHRAN, November 04 - Twitter deleted thousands of automated accounts the social media company accused of posting messages to discourage Democrats from voting in Tuesday's midterm elections.
News ID: 31013    Publish Date : 2018/11/04

TEHRAN, October 24 -Social media companies Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc have not detected Chinese meddling in the 2018 U.S. elections, Bloomberg reported.
News ID: 30582    Publish Date : 2018/10/24

TEHRAN, October 21 - A new report has shown that Saudi Arabia was enjoying the services of a stooge among the ranks of Twitter to spy on accounts of people who were critical of the kingdom.
News ID: 30453    Publish Date : 2018/10/21

TEHRAN, September 17 - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized a recent move by the social media platform Twitter to shutter accounts of Iranian nationals, including TV presenters and students, as it ignores accounts used for Washington’s regime change policy against Tehran.
News ID: 28907    Publish Date : 2018/09/17

TEHRAN, June 05 - The US Justice Department said on Monday it would appeal against a federal judge’s ruling that President Donald Trump may not legally block Twitter users from his account on the social media platform based on their political views, according to a court filing.
News ID: 23869    Publish Date : 2018/06/05

TEHRAN, May 17 - In a spectacular own-goal the right-wing magazine The Spectator published an article online headlined ‘In praise of the Wehrmacht.’ Despite the copy being quickly changed, the original was screen-grabbed and shared on Twitter.
News ID: 23087    Publish Date : 2018/05/17

TEHRAN, May 13 - A former Met detective superintendent, who was in charge of Scotland Yard’s investigation into the Edward Snowden leaks, took to Twitter to troll Julian Assange’s mom ahead of Mother’s Day.
News ID: 22885    Publish Date : 2018/05/13

TEHRAN, May 8 -One wily Twitter user has discovered a potential new encrypted feature on the app which could prove a gamechanger for its roughly 330 million monthly active users.
News ID: 22658    Publish Date : 2018/05/08

TEHRAN, April 22 - Malaysian regulators will look into the activity of automated accounts on Twitter, known as bots, in the run-up to a general election if they get complaints about them, the communications and multimedia minister said.
News ID: 21963    Publish Date : 2018/04/22

TEHRAN, April 11 - The Kremlin said on Wednesday it did not engage in "Twitter diplomacy" after U.S. President Donald Trump used the social media platform to warn Russia of imminent military action in Syria, the Interfax news agency reported.
News ID: 21596    Publish Date : 2018/04/11

TEHRAN, April 05 - Twitter says it has suspended over one million accounts for "promotion of terrorism" since 2015, claiming its efforts have begun to make the platform "an undesirable place" to call for violence.
News ID: 21338    Publish Date : 2018/04/05

TEHRAN, March 27 - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif deplored recent arms deals between Riyadh and Washington, saying that while Yemenis “remain forgotten” by the West, the Saudi regime is happy about being milked.
News ID: 21018    Publish Date : 2018/03/27

TEHRAN, February 5 - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at Donald Trump’s “wrong” criticism of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) after the president claimed that thousands of people were protesting because “the system is going broke."
News ID: 18891    Publish Date : 2018/02/05

TEHRAN, October 1-US President Donald Trump has been warned to “quiet down” his Twitter account in the wake of Hurricane Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico.
News ID: 13498    Publish Date : 2017/10/01

TEHRAN, September 28 -Facebook, Google, and Twitter have reportedly been invited to testify before a US Senate panel over an investigation into Russia’s alleged intervention in the 2016 election, which yielded President Donald Trump.
News ID: 13354    Publish Date : 2017/09/28

TEHRAN, July 19, YJC - Iran’s Arabic-language Al-Alam news network categorically rejected spurious and bogus stories published in its Twitter account, which was hacked several days ago.
News ID: 11240    Publish Date : 2017/07/19

TEHRAN, July 4, YJC - A hashtag uniting those who detest the anti-Iran Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) is accumulating a significant following on Twitter.
News ID: 10909    Publish Date : 2017/07/04

Tehran, YJC. Free Iranian Soldiers has turned into a trend on social media after 5 soldiers were taken hostage by terrorists.
News ID: 3467    Publish Date : 2014/02/12

Tehran, YJC. Jack Dorsey and a Twitter account alleged to belong to President Rouhani have discussed Iranians’ freedom on cyberspace.
News ID: 2298    Publish Date : 2013/10/02