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Tags - defense
Tehran, YJC. Passive Defense official says that some strategic bridges in the transportation system are provided with 3-layer security systems.
News ID: 1577    Publish Date : 2013/07/07

Tehran, YJC. The Minister of Health has said that there is no difference between doctors and judges and they must also be authorized to carry self- defense equipment.
News ID: 1393    Publish Date : 2013/06/17

Tehran, YJC. Official says that a new drone is to be unveiled soon.
News ID: 1333    Publish Date : 2013/06/10

Tehran, YJC. Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics has given news of introduction of a new hovercraft in a few months.
News ID: 540    Publish Date : 2013/03/18

TEHRAN, YJC. Brigadier General Ali Rashid has said that should a war break out with enemies, Iran will make no bones in targeting all their positions.
News ID: 412    Publish Date : 2013/03/07

TEHRAN, YJC. Dean of the National Defense Supreme University has said that there is an ongoing attack in the form of a large social framework in the socio-political sphere.
News ID: 408    Publish Date : 2013/03/07