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TEHRAN, YJC. Iran's missile-making has focused on the precision, so much so that new generations of the missiles are said to miss by no more than 5 meters.
News ID: 3683    Publish Date : 2014/03/12

Tehran, YJC. Jafari says the IRGC must expand its range of concerns beyond defense issues.
News ID: 3651    Publish Date : 2014/03/09

Tehran, YJC. Defense Ministry has delivered a large number of newly tested missiles to the IRGC and the Khatam ul Anbiya air base.
News ID: 3629    Publish Date : 2014/03/05

Tehran, YJC. The Defense Ministry has surprised the president with a new weapon which looks unfamiliar.
News ID: 3604    Publish Date : 2014/03/02

Tehran, YJC. Rouhani has addressed defense ministry and armed forces in a meeting with high-ranking officials.
News ID: 3595    Publish Date : 2014/03/01

Tehran, YJC. Senior lawmaker says Iran will not compromise on its military power.
News ID: 3474    Publish Date : 2014/02/13

Tehran, YJC. Military official says Iran is going to introduce new equipment on the national Army Day.
News ID: 3464    Publish Date : 2014/02/12

Tehran, YJC. Defense Minister has explained about Iran’s two newly developed types of missile.
News ID: 3452    Publish Date : 2014/02/11

Tehran, YJC. Dehqan has said that Iran is a major exporter of arms.
News ID: 3437    Publish Date : 2014/02/09

Tehran, YJC. Salami says Iran’s military assault power is a good reinforcement for the country’s foreign policy.
News ID: 3381    Publish Date : 2014/02/02

Tehran, YJC. While in Ahvaz, Rouhani has paid a visit to the Army units.
News ID: 3218    Publish Date : 2014/01/15

Tehran, YJC. Foreign Minister says Iran’s people and their devotion is the strongest weapon against the US.
News ID: 3012    Publish Date : 2013/12/19

Tehran, YJC. Defense Minister says the hulk of a submarine is past construction and after equipments are installed, the watercraft will be given to the Navy.
News ID: 2936    Publish Date : 2013/12/10

Tehran, YJC. Defense Minister has inaugurated the production line for SayyadII air defense missile.
News ID: 2636    Publish Date : 2013/11/09

Tehran, YJC. Official says Iran’s cyber defense has closed the ways for ill-intenders to attack the country’s infrastructure.
News ID: 2478    Publish Date : 2013/10/26

Tehran, YJC. Boroujerdi says that Iran is the leading power in regional defense .
News ID: 2348    Publish Date : 2013/10/08

Tehran, YJC. IRGC Second in command says that the IRGC is the only entity which can discern the enemy's hidden weaknesses.
News ID: 2187    Publish Date : 2013/09/21

TEHRAN, YCJ. Jafari says that the IRGC is pushing its way into the space in order to break the enemy’s monopoly there.
News ID: 2186    Publish Date : 2013/09/21

Tehran, YJC. Vahidi has said that his department has made Iran the world’s 6th power in missile defense .
News ID: 1910    Publish Date : 2013/08/18

Tehran, YJC. Defense Minister has said that his office will give special attention to technological developments.
News ID: 1895    Publish Date : 2013/08/17