Pakistan PM dismisses reports on normalization of ties with Israel

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Publish Date: 12:35 - 21 December 2020
Monday, 21 December 2020 _He is Noor Dahri, a man of Pakistani origin. He is heading a London based anti Muslim think tank “Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism”.

Pakistan PM dismisses reports on normalization of ties with IsraelDahri is suspected to be sponsored by apartheid state of Israel. Dahri who left Pakistan almost 20 years ago, now has been at the centerstage of what Islamabad says, a lingering disinformation campaign propagating that Pakistan is getting ready to normalize ties with Israel.

The claim was immediately dismissed by Pakistani PM as baseless. Pakistan has been reportedly under intense pressure from the UAE and Saudi Arabia after some Arab rulers normalized their ties with Israel notwithstanding the seething public anger in their countries.

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia reportedly threatened Pakistan to expel its an estimated four million expatriates if Islamabad resisted their pressure to normalize ties Israel.

This followed a few news anchors who were allegedly encouraged by elements within Pakistan military to get a defiant stance calling for normalization of ties with Israel, something which analysts believe was probably a tactical move to relieve the mounting pressure of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Any one supporting Israel in Pakistan meets instant condemnation at social and mainstream media given Israel’s unending mass killing of Palestinians and their forcible expulsion from the Muslim holy land from 1948 onwards. Finding a Pakistani journalist to speak with an Israel news channel is something easier than media outlets of apartheid State.

Pakistani journalists who spoke recently with a Israeli news channel are either tainted with corruption charges or had desperation to come into limelight through controversies. The major thrust of the argument of lobbies working for Israeli and its allies has been to cite Arab countries abandoning the cause of Arab nationalism in occupied Palestine for an independent Palestinian state.

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