Tehran Representative: To-be President dispense with arrogance compromise

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Publish Date: 9:31 - 06 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. A representative of Tehran in the Majlis has said that the next president of Iran must not consider backing down to the world arrogance.

Member of the National Security of the Iranian parliament asserted that the to-be President must not allow himself to think that he could compromise with arrogance in order to gain advantages. He added "Among the things that the next President must give heed to are not going into the sidelines, going astray from the framework of Islamic values, and moving in opposition to values.”

The representative of Tehran in the Majlis Esmail Kosari pointed to the Supreme Leader’s New Year speech that the next President must possess the ex-presidents’ strong points and dispossess their week ones and asserted "The next President must move along the law and consider national interests.”

Kosari pointed out that industriousness, modesty, adherence to the true Islam, and fighting arrogance are among the positive points which the future President must give heed to, adding "One of the good deeds of the current administration was the provincial trips and they must be continued.”

The member of the National Security Committee of the Majlis then said regarding the negative points which the to-be President must avoid "Not attending the sidelines and issues outside of Islamic values and not moving in opposition to these values are among the points which the future president must consider.”

"The future President must not think that he can gain benefits by bowing down to arrogance,” he asserted.

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