Zibakalam: Reformists must make consensus on Hashemi

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Publish Date: 9:32 - 08 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. The Reformist activist has said that although with Khatami as candidate Reformists are sure to win elections, Hashemi holds more know-how.
Sadegh Zibakalam in an interview said regarding the Principalists’ position as to the presence of the Reformists in the campaigns "The reason for the Principalists’ opposition is that both these people, and especially Mr. Khatami, have the highest chances to win the elections, in which case the May 23 scenario would repeat itself.”

"In that case the Principalists would lose the executive branch and a bipolar political vibe would prevail. In that situation the weak pole would be the Reformists and the strong one would still be the Principalists,” he added.

Zibakalam said that in current situations neither the reformist care to run for the presidentials nor the Principalists wecome their presence.

"In such circumstances there is a high probability that the Guardian Council would also fail someone like Khatami,” he pointed out.

Zibakalam added that there is only one condition under which Hashemi and Khatami could receive the card to take part in the presidentials, saying "This would happen in case Ahmadinejad would manage to get Mashaee a certificate to run for the elections.”

He added that in case Mashaee runs for the elections in the absence of the Reformists, he would be able to outdo all other candidates.

"Therefore,” he said further "In such circumstances the only resort for the Principalists would be to check Mashaee by passing Khatami and Hashemi.”
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