Govt. intending to Putinize power: Lawmaker

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Publish Date: 14:18 - 16 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. Former Lawmaker has said that Ahmadinejad intends to use Mashaee to repeat what Vladimir Putin did with Medmedev in Russia.

Former Mashhad representative to the Majlis Javad Arianmanesh said in an interview with the ZendegiNews that the governmental current intends by relating all opposing candidates to Hashemi Rafsanjani to bipolarize the elections by inducing the idea that all of them, from Reformist to Principalist, fall under one category.

As they do this, he believed, the governmental current try to tell people that they want to help them but other would not allow.

Arianmanesh added "The government will draw against the background of this one pole a wronged government which has risen from the people, and defends the people, the deprived, the wronged, and the equality-seeking current, all other groups being the current of power and wealth.”

He asserted "By so bipolarizing the atmosphere the government intends to introduce a Medmedev who would be Ahmadinejad’s interim surrogate until he gets back to power after 8 years.”

He also addressed the issue of the multiplicity of candidates from the governmental current and said that it is intended to obliterate the presence of the current’s major candidates with Mashaee at the top.

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