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Publish Date: 15:23 - 18 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. Mostafa Kavakebian has said that sanctions will become less severe if relations with the US are established.

Kavakebian who is running for the presidential elections said in an interview with ISNA "Mr. Hashemi is after the national solidarity governments thesis. If the mechanism for such government with Hashemi as the center is welcome by the majority of the two Principalist and Reformist wings, he may run for the elections, else it would be unlikely that he would do that.”

Considering himself as the Reform representative, he said "I am reformist but not subversive.”

Kavakebian also stated "We do not need a hired candidate and there is no reason that we would support a candidate from other parties. But if the national solidarity government thesis is operational, the Democracy party might take part in it. We are after changing this government and to do that we have our own plans.”

Regarding relations with the US, he said "Relations with US is not a piece of merchandise you could buy right away. Rather we must be able to ward off sanctions and establish relations with the US through a proper agenda and according to the 176th article of the Constitution.”

"I was a critic of Ahmadinejad because while under most intense sanctions, he offered talks with the US when in the United Nations. We must care to move towards relations with the US through decent program,” he further said.

"In the meantime, I believe that once relations are made not all of our problems will be solved, rather the effects of the sanctions will reduce at least. We must keep in mind that in these circumstances Western countries and Zionist lobbyism make the most profit from this kind of relationship with the US,” he went on.

Kavakebian also stated that the morale for fighting arrogance must never weaken, adding "The Supreme Leader also mentioned that he has no problem with talks, regarded that limits be clarified. I believe that the 10th administration had no program on relations with the US. For example in the UN while the President sat listening to Obama’s speech to the end, Obama left the room during his speech time.”

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