Qalibaf runs ahead; Rohani, Jalili, Rezaei struggle to catch up in runoff

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Publish Date: 10:19 - 12 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Polls indicate that the elections will be dragged into a runoff, Qalibaf leading with a great margin.

Mehr News Agency’s Polling Center has conducted a public opinion survey prior to the resignation of Haddad and Aref, where Qalibaf enjoys a far greater favor than his rivals. As indicated by statistics, the elections will go on to a runoff, where Rohani, Jalili, and Rezaei hope to have a place.

Mehr News Agency’s Polling Center conducted the survey in provincial capitals across country according to the interviewees’ sex, age, and education.

Table 1. Gender-based evaluation of votes for each candidate

Table 2. Evaluation of votes for each candidate based on voters' level of education

The results shown on table 2 can be said to mean that:

- Jalili’s favor is pretty much constant across different education levels, circling around 7 percent.

- Rezaei finds fewer votes among people with education levels higher than graduate, 3.4 compared to 6 percent for other levels.

- Higher levels of education favor Rohani, his votes ranging from 1.4 percent for the lowest education level to 8.5 for the highest.

- Aref’s vote resided hugely in those with a Masters degree, 10.3 percent against 3.8 for other levels.

- Qalibaf enjoys more votes at different educational levels compared to other candidates, 14.5 to 21.3 percent.

- Level of education is of approximately null effect on votes for Velayati, votes ranging 5.4 to 7.6 percent across levels of education.

Table 3. Voters for each candidate based on age band

The above table says that:

- Jalili’s vote lies mostly in the 25-35 age band

- From those voting for Rezaei the 18-24 age band are the greatest in number

- Rohani gets most of his votes from the 25-49 age band

- The 30-59 age band is Qalibaf’s greatest hope

- Velayati finds his supporters mostly from the 35-59 age band

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