EU hopes a Biden presidency can save JCPOA

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Publish Date: 5:39 - 20 November 2020
Friday, 20 November 2020 _EU foreign affairs ministers express the desire to re-calibrate relations with the United States so that both sides can agree on key policy areas, including the preservation of the Iran nuclear deal. Under President Donald Trump, the 27-nation bloc clashed with the US on a whole range of issues.

EU hopes a Biden presidency can save JCPOAAt a meeting coordinated from the European Council building, Brussels, EU foreign affairs ministers have been discussing the outcome of the US presidential elections. With Joe Biden poised to take over from Donald Trump in January, they are hoping that the Iran nuclear agreement can be saved.

The deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was agreed between Iran and world powers in 2015. Trump pulled the US out of the accord in 2018 and launched a sanctions campaign against the Islamic Republic, which Tehran describes as economic terrorism. 

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is urging the US to return to a common approach towards Iran. Citizens we have been talking to welcome the fact that the Iran nuclear deal might survive the Trump era. 

Many political commentators suggest Trump is currently doing all in his power to make it difficult for Biden to re-engage with Iran. 

Just this week Trump's administration moved to impose a fresh wave of sanctions on Iran. Analysts say it smacks of desperation, describing it as the last sting of a dying wasp.

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