Islamic Coalition member: Deviant current has no place in elections

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Publish Date: 11:19 - 10 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. Hamidreza Taraqi has blasted barrage by close-to-govt. media on the Islamic Coalition Party.

Taraqi believed that the media barrage by institutions related to the ruling party against the Islamic Coalition Party shows lack of morality and reasoning.

"The deviant current does not fall within favorites of the system and is not included in the Supreme Leader’s speech of Nowruz.”

He pointed to the speech on the first day of the New Year by the Supreme Leader and said "Naturally there are always egoistic, out of frame interpretations of the Supreme Leader’s speeches. But what is the real import of the Supreme Leader’s speech regarding the participation of all tastes that believe in the system has defined the criteria, without pointing to some specific group.”

Taraqi also stated that the Supreme Leader’s words are not subject to interpretations and added "The Guardian Council will render its evaluation of people and political groups in the same framework.”

He asserted "What is primarily seen among various tastes is belief in ideals of the Revolution. Therefore those who think of in Iranian republic or school will not feature the [Supreme Leader’s] speech since they deviated from ideals of the revolution.

"The goal of the Islamic Revolution is the formation of the Islamic government and moving on the path of the government-making process. Therefore the deviant current is not included in favorites of the system and has no right to run for elections,” he asserted.

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