Reformists make different interpretations of situations: Analyst

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Publish Date: 12:58 - 11 April 2013
Tehran, YJC. A Reformist activist has said that due to diverse interpretation of circumstances, Reformists suffer lack of consensus.

"In case things go favorable for the candidature of Khatami and Hashemi, many Principalists would be happy for them to be elected President,” Abbas Abdi said.

"Whether Khatami runs or not is done with because his mere application does not solve any problem,” he asserted.

"What is important is Khatami being qualified and running as candidate, which seems far,” Abdi believed, "His not running comes from lack of common understanding.”

He stated "Naturally since it does not seem probable that Khatami would apply or that he would be qualified, everyone fares their own way in the Reformist spectrum. This is the main reason for disagreement among the Reformists regarding the presidentials.”

Answering a question as whom he would prefer between Khatami and Hashemi he said "The third choice,” adding "It is not right if we talk of someone who does not exist. Sure enough nobody would dislike it if either Khatami or Hashemi would be President. Not only would they not dislike it, they would like it on the contrary. Among the Principalists also there are those who would be happy if one of the two becomes President.”

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